The latest anti-aging & rejuvenating skin care from japan goes to across the worlds

New York, USA: Anti-oxidation and penetration skin care products of Cosmé Proud, very popular in Japan and USA will be available on March 2015 in Singapore and Malaysia. Currently in Japan and US: the products have been being sold at Department Store (Mitsukoshi-Isetan and Odakyu), and high-class boutiques (Estnation), also they have been being sold/utilized at premium spas (Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi) and the prestige esthetic clinics. Expansion to Singapore and Malaysia proves increasing demand from worldwide market. The products all use the most advanced nanotechnology to help make the key anti-aging ingredients penetrate deep to the skin’s basal layer for a highly effective at-home skin care system.

Cosmé Proud’s luxury skin care products are made in Japan, with the highest quality ingredients available, including pure (99.99%) 24-karat gold and platinum, utilizes releasing negative ions that magnetically attract positive ions and free radicals embedded in the skin, which cause damaging oxidation, pulling them out, while leaving behind negative ions protecting and restoring ionic balance to the skin, ultimately enhancing the skin’s own ability to regenerate itself. Cosmé Proud’s advanced cleansing, exfoliating, repairing and moisturizing system provides ultimate rejuvenation by eeffectively reducing and preventing lines and wrinkles and restoring the skin’s ionic balance for a more healthy functioning skin. Cosmé Proud is the result of the vision of Mr. Katsuya Araki, the Founder and CEO of the company. Having worked in the cosmetics industry for many years, Mr. Araki set out to make a line of quality skin care products that far exceed the effectiveness of existing brands by combining the latest technology with the most powerful, anti-aging ingredients on the market.

His focus on scientific advancements resulted in a product line with potent, cellular rejuvenating ingredients that penetrate much deeper into the skin, where they are needed.His vision and Cosmé Proud Collection go to across the world today. “Believe it or not, you can feel how effective our products are on your skin after just a one-time trial,” says Mr. Araki with confidence.

Gold Gentle Make-up B.B Remover

Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam

Gold Revitalizer

Gold Multi Rejuvenating 

Gold Amber Rich Lotion

Gold Multi Rejuvenating Peat Pack

Gold Resilience Eye Serum EX

Platinum Deep Treatment

Gold Revitarich Emulsion