The exclusive cosmetics brand JUVENA of Switzerland – pioneers in skin research, and experts in anti-aging cosmetics – look back on 60 years of international success.Founded in Switzerland in 1954, this exclusive brand stands for tradition, as well as for a pioneering spirit in skin research and in the development of luxury anti-aging skin care products. Juvena combines established market values – such as high Swiss quality standards and professional customer care - with innovative scientific research. The result: revolutionary, highly effective anti-aging skin care products. Juvena is therefore the first cosmetic brand in the world to integrate the skin’s stem cell potential into the very core of beauty care. The principle of cell renewal is totally skin-friendly,and unbelievably effective . Skin appears more compact, renewed and revitalized. The visible result: a variable improvement in the quality of your skin.

Created for women looking for highly efficacious, luxurious and pleasantly fragrant skin care. The silky soft texture makes your skin feel good instantly. These products turn skin care routines into a truly special ritual.Refreshing Shower GelSmoothing &a..
Created for women looking for highly efficacious, luxurious and pleasantly...
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